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1. **Introduction**

Welcome to PalmerMarketing.net, your gateway to effective marketing solutions provided by Palmer Marketing. These Terms of Service (referred to as “ToS”) establish a binding agreement between you, the user of our website, and Palmer Marketing, the company behind this platform. By accessing and using our website, you signify your acceptance of these ToS. If you do not agree with any part of these terms, please refrain from using our services.

2. **Services**

Palmer Marketing specializes in delivering comprehensive marketing services tailored to the insurance industry with a primary focus on generating leads. Our services are finely tuned to meet your specific needs, as delineated in the individual contracts established between our company and you, the user. It is important to note that while we strive for optimal results, we do not provide guarantees regarding lead volumes or outcomes.

3. **User Responsibilities**

As a user of PalmerMarketing.net, you are obligated to furnish accurate information as requested during the utilization of our services. Furthermore, you bear the responsibility for ensuring that the use of the leads generated through our platform complies with all applicable laws and ethical standards. It is strictly prohibited to employ our website for any unlawful or harmful activities.

4. **Payment and Fees**

Our fee structure for the services rendered is outlined in separate contractual agreements. These contracts will delineate the payment terms and deadlines, ensuring transparency and clarity in financial transactions. Please be advised that late payments may incur additional fees or, in severe cases, result in the termination of services.

5. **Intellectual Property**

All content featured on our website is the exclusive property of Palmer Marketing or its licensors. Users are strictly prohibited from reproducing, distributing, or altering any content without the express written consent of the company. Additionally, unauthorized usage of our trademarks and logos is strictly prohibited without prior authorization.

6. **User Data and Privacy**

In order to deliver our services effectively, Palmer Marketing may collect certain user data, including but not limited to names and email addresses, as necessitated by our operations. The collection and usage of such data are governed by our Privacy Policy, accessible via the provided link, ensuring compliance with relevant data protection regulations.

7. **Disclaimers**

PalmerMarketing.net is provided on an “as is” basis, without any warranties or representations regarding its uptime, accuracy, or suitability for specific purposes. Users acknowledge and accept that the company assumes no liability for any damages resulting from the use of our website or the services provided therein.

8. **Limitation of Liability**

Our liability to any user is strictly limited to the fees paid by that user within the preceding 12 months. This limitation of liability ensures that Palmer Marketing’s financial obligations remain proportional to the value of the services rendered.

9. **Termination**

Either party reserves the right to terminate the contractual agreement established between the user and Palmer Marketing, subject to the conditions outlined within the respective contracts. Furthermore, Palmer Marketing retains the authority to terminate a user’s access to our website immediately in the event of a violation of these ToS.

10. **Changes to Terms of Service**

Palmer Marketing reserves the right to revise these ToS at any time without prior notice. Users will be duly informed of any significant changes, and continued usage of our website constitutes acceptance of the updated terms.

11. **Governing Law**

These Terms of Service shall be governed by the laws of the State of Arizona, ensuring clarity and consistency in the interpretation and enforcement of our contractual obligations.